NYWA and SMF Press Release

It has been 8 months since we were at Walter Reed together. I know I have talked with some of you individually about this, but I wanted to forward you this announcement and write up about all that is happening. I know you will all remember the Mother who spent a lot of time at our table and she ended up taking pictures of our event all day and gave me at CD at the end, as she overheard our hostess tell me that we could not take pictures in the lobby. This lady’s name is Tamra Rigdon and her son, SPC Tim Senkowksi, was too ill that day to come out and meet us. Tamra went into the Warrior Cafe when Marty was performing and listened as she burned the pictures to a cd. She spent time talking with Marty about her son and his family from Indiana. She also shared about additional hardships that they have with his wife’s own illness and their older son with Autism. I would not have known that side of the story if Marty had not told me about it later that night. I would not have known the story behind Tim, if she had not handed me a picture of him and a wrist band about her organization that she was just starting to launch, to start to give back to other warriors and their families. I reached out to them after we got back and have kept in contact ever since.

SMF RibbonWith our new collaboration with my two favorite Colonels, COL Dawn Devine, (Who you all met that day. She flew in from Kansas to support our event.), and COL Steve West, I am beyond ecstatic to share with you all that Tim was an obvious choice to select to sponsor at the Indianapolis 500 Behind The Camo Event, which will be this weekend, at the same time of our 2nd Annual Wounded Warrior Concert. COL Devine and Dell Hamilton, the co-founder of Support Military Foundation will be hosting SFC Tim Senkowski at the race and giving him a once in life time experience. Attached is a full background on Support Military Foundation and this event for Time.

Have a great weekend and know that great things are happening for our warriors this weekend! Thank you to all for your dedication and support.